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"2023 World Bicycle Day - Taichung Bicycle Carnival"
25th IBDC Expert Meeting
On April 20, 2023, an Expert Meeting, which is a series event of the 25th International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC), was held to discuss about the future form and design thinking of bicycle. Experts from various background, including Taiwan Design Research Institute (research institute), Merida Industry Co., Ltd. (bicycle company), MPS Energy Inc. (battery module developer), Smiling Elements International Corporation (bicycle company), and Design Crossover Association (non-profit social group), attended and shared their point of views to the future of cycling and expectation of works that could be collected by 25th IBDC, which will start in June.
CHC in Taipei Cycle Show 2023
CHC participate in "Taiwan Keyword E-Bike " video program filming by PanSci
Meeting with Lithuania
To find out more business opportunities and bring the bicycle industry in Taiwan more in line with the world, the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) held a meeting to connect the bicycle companies and the government officials from Lithuania to discuss more about the cooperation opportunities at CHC on February 22, 2023. Both the chairman of TBA, Robert Wu, and the trade representative from the Lithuanian Trade Representative Office, Paulius Lukauskas, gave presentations of the introduction of themselves. Attendees of the meeting also includes the representative from the bicycle companies, including KMC, MARWI, Ideal, etc.
A Visit of Guests From Japan
On February 8, 2023, the major and delegation of Saiki, Oita Prefecture, Japan come and visit CHC. Guests from Japan introduced their hometown by showing the video and flyer, while presenter from CHC gave and introduction of the bicycle industry and the overview of CHC. Moreover, the guests had a riding event and a short tour of the laboratories, which they found very interested. At the end of the visit, CHC and the guests from Japan exchanged souvenirs to show the gladness of meeting each other.
Inaugural Meeting of Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS)
On December 22, 2022, the Inaugural Meeting of Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS) was held, declaring the establishment of the organization. At the meeting, Young Liu from Giant Group was elected by all the members as the Chairman of BAS, who will then be in charge of leading the members to achieve the organizational goals.
Visit from the Other Side of the Earth
On November 23, 2022, several government officials from Tuvalu, Paraguay, and Saint Lucia who now participate in the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at NTHU IMBA visited CHC for the purpose of understanding more about the bicycle industry development in Taiwan, learning innovative and feasible solutions, and could bringing back the experience to their countries.
Experiencing New Sports Technology with Bicycle Ergonomics Event
The “Bicycle Ergonomics Event” was held by the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) on December 12-13, 2022 at Angel Life Pavilion, Taipei. People are welcome to experience the two innovative techniques, including the “Indoor Fitness Simulation Platform” and “AI Riding Optimization System”.
“Net Zero Emissions Promotion Project “Seminars
The climate change of the world has been getting severer in recent years. Currently, about 140 countries have announced their net zero emissions declaration, and the bicycle supply chain also requested their suppliers to support related work.