The CiA & Expert Meeting
  On November 22, 2023, Holger Zeltwanger, (Executive Director and Board Member of the German CiA Association), and Reiner Zitzmann, (Executive Director of the German CiA Non-Profit Business Subsidiary), visited CHC. The attendees of the meeting also included industry experts including I. C. M. Inc., professors from the National Kaohsiung University of Science & Technology and the Rotary Club.  We gave an overview presentation of CHC. Then both parties took a deep discussion into the trends of electrification and smart manufacturing in the bicycle industry, with a specific focus on the operational model of the CiA Association, CiA454 protocol, and discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities in the electronic aspects of the bicycle industry.  Throughout the tour of the CHC laboratory, the guests highly praised CHC's efforts in technological innovation. This visit not only fostered potential collaborations in the technical field between the CHC and CiA but also laid a solid foundation for future industry development and innovative cooperation. CHC looking forward to further collaboration with the CiA Association in advanced technology and standard development for the bicycle industry.