【Chiayi Local SBIR Achievement Exhibition】CHC and Jiachuang with gathering three incorporated foundation participate in the Chiayi Local SBIR Achievement Exhibition

After more than a decade of collaborative efforts among government, academia, and industry, the seedling has grown into a robust and thriving tree. In this land of over a century's history in Chiayi, several corporate entities have diligently worked together for over ten years, resulting in the development of competitive industries in food, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry, and the silver economy. We hope to continue growing together in the next ten years.


Regarding the silver industry(elderly industry), CHC has deeply rooted itself in Chiayi in recent years, expanding its services from local elderly care to a nationwide presence. Initially offering mobile health checks and functional fitness programs, CHC has subsequently added services such as circular motion fitness clubs, making every effort to prepare for an aging society. With the strong support of Mayor Min-Hui Huang of Chiayi City, CHC is committed to securing more benefits and care for the elderly and collaborates with other corporate entities to create an elderly-friendly environment. This effort extends not only to smart industries but also to local forestry, food, and healthcare sectors, among others.


Lastly, under the witness of Mayor Huang Min-Hui of Chiayi City, CHC General Manager Johnson Wu, and other corporate leaders, we, at our research center, grow together with local industries, all striving to embrace an innovative future for Chiayi, as showcased at today's Chiayi City SBIR Project Results Exhibition.