Taiwan Sports Industry Expo

  The 2023 Taiwan Sports Industry Expo was held from December 23, 2023, to January 1, 2024, at the Taipei SongShan Cultural and Creative Park. Organized by the Sports Administration, the expo showcased innovative research and development achievements from various government departments, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This event aims to highlight the latest achievements in the integration of Taiwan's sports industry and technology, and it sincerely invites participation from relevant sports technology enterprises to collectively attest Taiwan's outstanding performance in the field of sports technology.

  The Ministry of Economic Affairs showcased various forward-looking sports technology projects, featuring sports technologies in golf, fitness technology, cycling technology, smart baseball, and more. Among these, CHC's Climber was selected in the exhibition. The CHC Climber is a cycling sensory fitness platform that simulates different road surfaces and inclines, making an indoor riding as realist as the outdoors experience. This platform combines a bicycle training stand, climbing simulator, and riding experience system, allowing users to choose between real-life or 3D simulated environments. Users can feel the vibrations of various surfaces, including asphalt roads, stone paths, gravel, wooden trails, and forest paths, along with changes in incline ranging from +20% to -10%. The CHC Climber not only enhances riding skills and endurance but also allows users to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of Taiwan.

Throughout the exhibition, CHC had the honor of hosting distinguished guests from the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, President Lin Hung-Tao personally attending the event. President Lin expressed significant interest in CHC's showcased innovative products, particularly the CHC Climber. He actively inquired about the release date and potential applications of the CHC Climber, demonstrating a keen interest in this sports technology.

  CHC looks forward to sharing the advantages of the CHC Climber with President Lin and other participants, collectively witnessing Taiwan's technological prowess and innovative achievements on the global stage.