CHC Unveils at Meet Greater South 2023

In order to encourage scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in southern Taiwan, the Department of Industrial Technology held the "2023 Meet Greater South" event at the South Hall of Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from August 25 to August 26.

With the support of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the "Scientific Application of Cycling Sports: E-Bike Indoor Intelligent Riding System" developed by the Bicycle Center integrates electric auxiliary bicycle riding sensing, communication technology and virtual riding interaction system, transforming outdoor riding into indoor fitness, and providing personalized exercise guidance through sports data collection and analysis, just like a bicycle instructor on the side, attracting the Director of Technology Qiu Qiuhui and the on-site visitors to stop and visit.

The bicycle center was also invited to participate in the live podcast to introduce the principle, function and advantages of intelligent electric auxiliary vehicles to the public from the perspective of science popularization, and how to apply them in different occasions and needs.