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Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard (TBIS)


   Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard (TBIS) is approved and announced by Taiwan Bicycle Association(TBA). The preparatory work of "Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard" is carried out by the technical expert committee from TBIS. When TBA members are interested in the related standard that has been announced, and after they are approved by the R&D and patent committee of TBA, they will become the member of the technical expert committee of TBIS.  TBA and Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) are in close cooperation to handle all matters applied and established by TBIS. 

Background description: 

  After 2015, The International Organization for Standardization 4210: 2014 (ISO 4210:2014) will be the most commonly used safety standard in global bicycle industry. Although ISO 4210 is not a mandatory inspection standard in various economic markets, they are still requesting their bicycle products suppliers to follow the basis of ISO 4210 safety requirements. However, this phenomenon represents that they are unable to differentiate the quality and grade differences between bicycles and spare parts. In order to keep up the competitiveness of our bicycle industry in the international market, the technical expert committee of TBIS uses ISO 4210 as their investigation basis and propose a higher level of product safety and standard service, to establish TBIS especially for this purpose. To highlight on the quality, performance and reliability of those components that has passed TBIS inspection, which have already exceeded the international standard. In the meantime, TBIS is developing on the safety standard and testing technology on those bicycle parts that are excluded in ISO 4210, to ensure the product and identify the differences between product performance, which has become an important reference to drive the improvement on Taiwan bicycle industry Research & Design units.

TBIS 002 Hand Driven Electric Assisted Bicycles
TBIS 003 Front Suspension fork for bicycle
TBIS 004 Test methods and requirements for bicycle saddle and shock-absorbing seat post
TBIS 005 Safety and performance requirements and testing methods for bicycle hubs
TBIS 006 Safety requirements and test methods for electric assisted three-wheeled (above) bicycles
TBIS 007 Safety requirements for children carrying bicycles


TBIS 4210  Cycles — Safety requirements for bicycles 

TBIS 4210-1 Terms and definitions
TBIS 4210-2 Requirements for city and trekking, young adult, mountain and racing bicycles
TBIS 4210-3 Common test methods
TBIS 4210-4 Braking test methods
TBIS 4210-4 Braking test methods
TBIS 4210-5 Steering test methods
TBIS 4210-6 Frame and fork test methods
TBIS 4210-7 Wheels and rims test methods
TBIS 4210-8 Pedal and drive system test methods
TBIS 4210-9 Saddles and seat‐post test methods


15194 Electrically power assisted cycles standard
79010 Cycles – Safety requirements for Cargo bike