Test Service Capacity
Professional counseling for testing

CHC provides testing laboratory counseling service. Our engineers have theoretical and practical experience.  We support clients to establish laboratory system through personnel guidance, training and auditing, to improve the stability and reliability of in-plant testing quality, so as to enhance product quality , brand image, and win customer trust.


Stages of Laboratory Tutoring 
1st stage: Laboratory status diagnosis
2nd stage: introduce laboratory concepts and establish internal documents
3rd  stage: Laboratory audit evaluation


Content of the counseling
Laboratory diagnosis
Submission of In-plant quality assurance system 
Establishment of test standard 
Study of Test Method 
Review In-plant standard
Explain common specifications of laboratory
Plan Hardware & equipment 
Making Lab-quality documentation
Laboratory personnel education and training (testing standards)
Equipment Operation and Testing Practice 
Laboratory Audit & Evaluation

Counseling schedule
The counseling period is normally around 3 to 6 months, actual schedule will be modified according to customers condition

Coaching cases: 7 OEMs cases
Taiwan 3 cases / China  2 cases / Vietnam 2 cases