Test Service Capacity
X-Ray Radiography testing service (NDT-Non Destructive Testing)

1. 2D radiography inspection
2. 3D tomography (CT) analysis
~Obtaining accurate 3D structural data as well as detecting of the non-conformances of the testing object(s).
~The desired cross-sectional image can be presented from the 3D  CT imaging process, and analyze defects from various angles.  Obtaining complete structural data of the sample could be done in approximately 30 minutes. With automated inspection process, and enhanced porosity inclusion analysis, the distribution of the porosity can be presented in different colors with different size ranges.


Through our radiography technology (electro-magnetic radiation wave) , we have the capability to penetrate the material and analyze/reveal possible inconsistencies of the material property.


Common defects from test objects:
Mnufacturing process of Metal/Non-metal materials, (material property, manufacturing process, welding process, temperature, environment and human factors), could be causes for various defects. Those defects usually could be categorized as: appearance defects, cracks, air bubbles, foreign objects, lack of fusion and insufficient root penetration during welding process. 


X-Ray spec: 

  • Max Voltage:160 KV
  • Max dimension of test sample: Dia 800mm x 1200mm
  • Materials of test samples: metal & non-metal
  • Max. weight of test samples: 50 Kg