CHC Engineering Service

CHC Engineering Service


    CHC has devoted itself to the research and development of bicycle product technology.  Our engineering services are built on years of experience and the expertise to provide industrial engineering solutions that match our client’s needs.


   CHC possesses the technology and domain knowledge of bicycle, EPAC (Electrically power assisted cycles), LEV (Light Electric Vehicle), and Health Tech, including material application, manufacturing process, design, human engineering, electric&electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, ICT (Information and communications technology) application, software programming, prototyping, DOE (design of experiment) , virtual validation (CAE, Computer Aided Engineering), test and validation, etc.   


   Also, CHC is closely linked with Taiwan's bicycle industry supply chain and R&D value chain. Taiwan has a complete supply chain of bicycle components, a strong product development value chain, reasonable service prices, and good communicators. In addition to CHC own service capabilities, CHC can also integrate the advantages of entire industry to provide high quality engineering service.


  Our engineering services includes: Product design & development, Trouble shooting and resolving, ICT application design, Software programming, Manufacturing process analysis, Product test & validation, etc. CHC has provided hundreds of service experience for global clients, and our proactive teams always keep the focus on clients by implementing their demands with the most professional competencies.


  If you’re looking for support with a small feasibility study, partnership for a large and complex project, ODM, resource sourcing, or a coordinator,  CHC will be your best choice!