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Technical Report on the Development of an Interactive Wheelchair Cardiopulmonary Fitness Training Software and Database System
Product features
In the past, the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) assistive equipment industry chiefly focused on everyday living and mobility assistance products, and designed few products meeting the health promotion needs of seniors, persons with suboptimal health, or wheelchair users. Furthermore, existing health promotion assistive equipment chiefly consists of muscular fitness promotion and cardiopulmonary fitness promotion types. But because the existing products focus on easy set-up and low cost, they mostly consist of tabletop or lightweight designs. While existing resistance equipment allows wheelchair users to perform repeated movement of their major arm muscle groups, and provides resistance adjustment and training parameter display functions, because the equipment does not involve the use of one's personal wheelchair, training using this equipment cannot readily improve users' wheelchair operating skills, wheelchair use effectiveness, or quality of life. This project plans to develop a wheelchair fitness assessment and training system, and apply fitness assessment technology for seniors developed in the past to persons with suboptimal health and wheelchair users. The planned assessment and training system will be able to meet the health promotion needs of these groups, and will encourage assistive equipment manufacturers currently focusing on mobility assistive equipment to develop equipment providing an innovative user experience. Preliminary project experience and system user-friendliness needs for seniors and persons with limb disabilities specified in ISO/IEC Guide 71 are being incorporated in system development, and past research data and practical experience are being used to develop a "wheelchair physical fitness assessment and training system" and complete a report on the project.
Technical Report on the Effectiveness of a Fitness Exercise Intervention Program in Improving the Functional Fitness of Seniors in the Community
Product features
This study employed data from the "2015 Senior Citizen Fitness Exercise Program: National Functional Fitness Database for Seniors in the Community," which was created by the Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation with the assistance of the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC). CHC used its digital functional physical fitness testing technology to assess the functional fitness of seniors in the community, and the results shed light on differences between the effect of four different exercise intervention programs on the functional fitness of the participating seniors. The project also provided an understanding of factors affecting the development of community exercise interventions, and completed a technical report.