Fitness and Exercise
Digital Measurement and Analysis Technology for Testing and Verification Platforms
Product features
This technology employs sensor elements to perform product measurements, and uses sensors to measure products' physical quantities. The technology provides sensor information acquisition, conversion, transmission, analysis, and processing capabilities, and transmits measurement results to a computer, where controllable judgment standards can be set. Apart from precisely determining whether product specifications have been met, the technology can also compile yield rate statistics, facilitating control and adjustment of product quality on the production line. A computer is used to perform data management and compile statistics. Designed for process and product inspection in the bicycle industry, this technology employs rapid digital measurement and analysis methods to facilitate improvement of product quality and enhance the technological level of production line inspection. It will thus be able to boost production quality and accelerate process improvement. 
Development technology of exercise training system for upper body strength & torso extension
Product features
The seated linked arm strength and trunk extension training device developed in this project employs multiple linked tie rods to perform synchronized reciprocating concentric and eccentric arm muscle training and trunk extension movement, achieving multiple exercise effects. A touch-screen tablet computer provides system display and operation functions, and there is a graphic operating interface. Training information that can be displayed includes repetitions, time, positional travel, and the muscle groups being exercised, providing a reference. Different programs can be set for exercise/rehabilitation, and interactive control functions can boost exercise/rehabilitation effectiveness and training willingness. This arm strength and trunk extension exercise training device can be used by the elderly and disabled persons for arm strength and trunk extension exercise training. It can prevent muscular atrophy and joint stiffness, help users maintain flexibility, reduce pain induced by long-term sitting or repetitive movements, and lessen disorders and problems caused by muscle spasms. It can also provide a suitable amount of cardiopulmonary function training and aerobic exercise, which can help elderly and disabled users to maintain their cardiopulmonary capacity, and reduce chance of subsequent breathing difficulty and pulmonary infection.