Handcycle for the Disabled

      For most people, riding a bicycle is not a difficult action, or even it has become a part of their normal life. However, for disabled people, riding a bicycle might be an impossible dream to achieve in their entire life. In 2011, CHC developed the E-handcycle, which allowed disabled people to experience the feeling of cycling by using their hands to rotate the handlebars. The handcycles was equipped with electricity, so that disabled people were able to ride farther, easier, and longer.


      During 2011 to 2016, we have organized a variety of E-handcycle riding events, from campus riding to trips around Taiwan, and from tens of kilometers to nearly a thousand kilometers of riding. Before going onto a riding tour, since people’s hands are not as strong as legs, we also prepared intensive trainings for the riders so that they could get familiar with the E-handcycle and would be able to ride on roads for days. With riders’ enthusiasm, perseverance, and optimism, even if the trips are quite challenging, they all accomplished successfully, happily, and memorably.

Video: Handy-Bike Around Taiwan