General Cycling Racing

       Taiwan is known as the “Kingdom of Bicycles”. To encourage the cycling culture in Taiwan, the “General Cycling Racing”, which was supervised by the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs (DOIT, MOEA) and organized by CHC, was unveiled in 2006 at ARTC testing site.

       From 2006 to 2014, the General Cycling Racing has been executed at different sites and with various cooperators, for example, city governments, travel agencies, or foundations. In addition, the event welcomed people who are interested in riding bicycles, no matter whether they are professional cyclists, citizens, bicycle companies, or non-profit research institutes could all join in groups or individually.

       To make the event more diverse and brilliant, we also included activities like pushbike races, RFID races, food fair, bicycle exhibition, alleycat game, and so on. By organizing this event, the idea of cycling was spread to many places in Taiwan with more and more cycling events that inspired by the General Cycling Racing have been held since then.